Monday, November 15, 2010

cLoroX sHAwL crUMpLe ..(^__*)

ihikz... enterance x thn...
nie ms konvo my lvly youngest brother kt gmi 31hb 10 aie tu...
ok this time rin upload shawl crumple yg baru pyer..
(material cm rin pki nie)
harge pn sgt cantek sm cm shawl nyer.. huhu.....
mari coping...

material : cotton t-shirt kedut2...
price : rm 25
yg specialnyer kn.. FWEE POSTAGE... yeay2...

red + dark grey
(subang berbeza)
out of stock

red + dark grey
(subang berbeza)
out of stock

soft blue + pink
out of stock

ke-oren-an (yellow + pink)
out of stock

soft blue + green
out of stock

light yellow + green ( sgt chantek )
out of stock

happy shopping....


1 comment:

  1. green yellow..LOVELY la sayang..nak nak nak!!!